Sweet Oam shows her sexy naked body
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Sweet Oam shows her sexy naked body

May 11, 2014 » Oam part 2

I had my date with Oam today. She arrived 2 hours late, with no make up on and upset with what happened 2 days ago. She was mugged by a guy who took her wallet, iPhone, bank card and money. He hit her on the arm, legs and face during the incident. She was shaken up about it and talked about it a lot. I was happy to see her but was worried this was just all excuses to leave sooner than later but I was wrong. She didn’t want to leave and even allowed me to take pics again.

Once we started, she just kept on going until naked and getting banged by my mini Mister Tron. Just love this tiny girl, she has cute face (doesn’t need make up, at all). The kind of girl that always gets me horny.

When she left, she did her make up. Strange… but she looked even more cute that way. Stupid that I didn’t ask her to do so before the shoot. Something tells me that she will meet another guy tonight…

Anyways, I will soon see King again, something I look forward to.

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