King teen takes it in her petite ass also massive labia
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    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

King teen takes it in her petite ass also massive labia

September 14, 2013 » King in Phuket

I woke up with Poaw but I didn’t fuck her again because I wanted to keep my energy for King who would arrive this afternoon.

I could only make one shot of her sexy ass ?? Funny girl, she said I could make pictures next time if I pay 10 million baht. Haha

In her dreams!

She left and a few hours later, I went to the bus station where King would be waiting for me. She was there and we had lunch together.

She looked so cute and sweet. She came to visit her aunty and sister (cousin). Stupid that I must leave tomorrow again but she said that she would not go back to Danok. Her work is done there. Maybe she can find a job in Phuket?

Anyways, we went to a short time hotel I booked especially for this shooting. Pink colors ?? I also had a present for her and she was really, very happy. Time for action!

I made a lot of nice pictures of her. She is such a natural talent, in many ways. I think that I don’t need to explain this.

I am going to sleep now. She is still here, already sleeping. An angel.

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