King’s short revisit
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

King’s short revisit

May 14, 2014 » King’s short revisit

King didn’t come last night. She didn’t even send me a message. I started to worry and went to sleep but by this morning 7am, I got a message fron her saying that she was coming and that she would only have a little time.

When she arrived at her aunties house last night, something seems to have been a problem. A family matter.

She arrived at 8 am and we talked a little. She said that it had to do with her cousin having an accident and she had to go back to the hospital this afternoon. Ok. I told her that she could go now but, no, she wanted to be with me first and have a little bit of fun. That’s my girl! King is just so lovely. Sad that her English is so bad… Talking with a translator takes so much time, and in this case, is a little frustrating… so the only thing we can really do together is fuck.

One of my members here wanted her on top, so that’s what I did. After this, she had to run back to the hospital. Too sad, really. I hope that she will come back.

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