Golf: 23yo Phuket bargirl with great body
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Golf: 23yo Phuket bargirl with great body

February 10, 2017 » Golf

Went to Bangla Rd again tonight, this time ready to barfine any girl who would agree to a shoot. It was not easy and I had to visit many gogo bars. The bad thing about the gogos here is that they are more expensive than Pattaya or Bangkok and they do not allow you to enter with your phone on. I used another device to shoot inside a bar where you can see a MILF smoking with her pussy out in this video. Crazy stuff.

Anyways… on my third bar, I finally found a girl whom agreed to a shoot. I took her with me, a 23yo gogo-slut named Golf. In the bar, she was all happy. In my room, she was watching her watch all the time. Very annoying. Great body and ass but such a starfish. I was a bit disappointed but this is still a good shoot and I always enjoy to creampie a real bar slut.

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