Gin: Sweet n skinny Thai freelancer in a rush to get double creampied
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Gin: Sweet n skinny Thai freelancer in a rush to get double creampied

February 16, 2017 » Gin

Went for a long walk, today. First the beach and then shopping mall. I have been thinking a lot about the difficulties of this week and there must be only one reason: high season, too many tourists and too many young guys paying and tipping the girls way too much. It’s obvious that the girls have too many options now. The good girls are taken early and for multiple days while all the other girls that remain still make money enough from high season. I decided to leave now and maybe come back when it’s more quiet. Tomorrow, I will do a last round at the bars for my last try then after that, I will go back to Bangkok and then Bali. A new place!

The good news is that right when I just gave up, I met this girl on my way back from the mall. My battery was empty and I forgot to use my glasses. She was standing at the beach road, alone, clearly waiting for a customer. I had a talk with her and I was right. Deal was made fast but she only wanted to do it for 1 hour. Her name is Gin, a 23yo.

Now in my room, I realized that I liked her skinny petite body and could not wait to fuck her. In the shower, I asked her to suck my dick then I turned her over and fucked her right away, where I came already, then we continued in bed for a second round. Good fuck. Nothing special but at least I could score a shoot again.

Let’s try one more time tomorrow.

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