Gachinco gachi1147 Yuko Gatty daughter Gachi 1147 Yuko Slim Tight 6
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Gachinco gachi1147 Yuko Gatty daughter Gachi 1147 Yuko Slim Tight 6


"Yuuko Chan" that appeared for the first time in two years. People can change greatly in two years. When I asked her what happened in the past two years, I thought she was a bit thinner ... and no answer that is ambitious. Although it seems that my boyfriend changed a bit when I asked himself, it seems that his boyfriend changed slightly, but whether he does not really care too much or is the current life happy? Well, it seems that it is somewhat not the latter. If you look at anything that is thin anyway, Eros is perfect with the feeling that the tits are stretched than I thought. While being a blatantly windy reaction, it is her girls get wet. If I try to hit a toy I will feel it well, and it will spew to my piss. Although I am not good at blowjob, it can be said that her charm is that she is still obedient. After moving to bed, I change clothes like a body-style wind. However, sounds disturbing with winemation from the lower body. I am standing with the face that the vibe stabs, but will I be able to stay with that face even if I insert it? Since it says that you can put out the last place at the end, it is a natural vaginal cum shot. It is Tsundere, it is "Yuko Chan" of a girls getting wet. It is a good work.

二年ぶりに登場したのは”優子チャン”。二年あれば人は大きく変われます。そこで彼女にこの二年で何があったのか聞いてみると、少し痩せたくらい… と、何とも覇気のない答え。つっこんで聞いてみると彼氏がちょこちょこ変わったりとあったらしいのですが、本人的にはあまりどうでもいいのか、もしくは現在の生活が幸せなのか。まぁ、何となく後者ではないような気がしますが。何はともあれ痩せたという体を見てみると、思ったよりもオッパイが張っている感じでエロスはばっちり。素っ気ない風なリアクションでありながら、アソコは濡れちゃうのが彼女のイイところ。玩具を当ててみればしっかり感じて、おしっこまで噴出してしまうわけで。フェラは苦手ですが、それでも従順にこなしてくれるのは彼女の魅力と言えるでしょう。ベッドに移動してからは、ボディコン風の服装に着替えて貰います。しかしながら下半身からウインウインと不穏な音。バイブが刺さったまますました顔で立っていますが、チ○ポを挿入されてもその顔でいられるでしょうか。最後はどこに出してもいいと言うので当然の中出し。ツンデレならぬ、ツン濡れ女子の”優子チャン”。良作となっております。