Caribbeancom 080219-973 Tamer Kamiyama Nana's husband sent me two
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Caribbeancom 080219-973 Tamer Kamiyama Nana's husband sent me two

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Too jealous husband with a beautiful wife Nana"Kamiyama" are all things I tamed my wife is sent as two men. Received her husband's request so that its style kimono over with sex pheromone in the breasts of Nana, and suddenly the two men. Mobbed and mouth-watering breasts, crotch underwear kimono with fingers rugged really messing around with toppled, heartbreaking, however, Nana can't stop gasping voice just pleasure. She remains deprived of freedom arms of big meat stick's throat until we were talking about tongue, blowjob too erotic! Trembling like crazy is caught off guard and the fire out in spasms orgasms. It was chaste wife's reason would soon collapse, drowning people to meat.

美人妻「上山奈々」を持つ羨ましすぎる夫が、事もあろうに自分の妻を調教するようにと二人の男たちを差し向けたのです。 和服越しにもそのスタイルがわかるほど美乳の持ち主でエッチなフェロモンを醸し出す奈々の元に、夫の依頼を受けたと突然現れた二人の男たち。 美味しそうな美乳をもみくちゃにされ、ノーパンの和服の股間を無骨な指でとことんいじり倒され、悲痛な、しかし悦びを隠せない喘ぎ声が止められない奈々。 両腕の自由を奪われたまま大きな肉棒を喉奥まで頬張って舌を絡めてフェラをする姿はエロすぎ! 突かれまくって中出し連射されると体を震わせて痙攣絶頂。 貞淑妻の理性は早々に崩壊して肉調教にどっぷり溺れるのだった。

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