Alice: Who The Fuck is She
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Alice: Who The Fuck is She

We love seeing our Trike Patrol disciples grow over the years. It’s a wonderful joy to watch everyday average joes give their hard-working middle fingers to societal “norms”. To travel to The Philippines on exciting, exotic pussy-getting adventures—and film it for the World to watch! That’s what Trike Patrol’s all about. It is what it’s ALWAYS been all about.

Our ever-improving friend Duke has upped the ass-getting ante with his latest submission here. I don’t even know if he knows how he did it, but somehow he managed to snare a totally delectable young treat by the name of Alice. Who the fuck is Alice? Well, she’s a trim, firm-tittied little number, aged just 21 years old and cute as they come.

She was clearly a little nervous on the street and in the trike, but once back in the comfort and privacy of Duke’s short-time room, she was all smiles and service. A smile that could light up even the most dimly lit 300-peso motel room, and service that could breathe life back into even the most neglected old cock.

This is the beauty and magic of The Philippines and kudos to Duke for bringing it to us!

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