1Pondo 110912_468 Aiko Endo cute in the model collection
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

1Pondo 110912_468 Aiko Endo cute in the model collection

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Aiko Endo appears cute in the model collection! A smiley face is very cute Aiko is A type, 154 cm. Three sizes are 82, 58, 83 from the top. Hobby is reading a book alone at a cafe or shopping. It is a healing model which the piano can also play and the child loves favorably. Erotic will start where AIKO is getting close to herself with self-introduction. I will remove it with a thick kiss using my tongue. Even though Aiko himself said it was M, to lick the nipple of an actor or touched the Ochinchi with a feeling of lead and to fellatio. Put it all the way into the deep moo state! When you change your posture to 69 and get cunny you will get panted. When stimulating gritlis with a vibe, "Itchau ~!" And ehobi. If I insert the vibe after that, I am excited with successive acme. To have a desire to be bullied, to a little aggressive play. Blindfolded with waist gaugaku and next time I pulled a nipple and played cunniling. My breath becomes bad with a finger man. Stick out your butt and further stimulate the clitoris with electric. It is terribly erotic! After that I take out the vibe without taking a rest and move Aiko himself and I will go back many times again. When inserting it raw, it makes me chewy with "big ~!". Aiko of excitement with successive acme many times many times. At the end was a smile "Satisfactory ~!" Satisfied!


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