Caribbeancom 010811-585 Secret Prison Director Kaoru Adachi Who Is Famous For Perverts
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Caribbeancom 010811-585 Secret Prison Director Kaoru Adachi Who Is Famous For Perverts

This one produced by the director Kaoru Adachi who is famous for perverts and insult play! The Confidential Woman Containment Facility is open to the public. The main character, Miharu Kai, is raped and kidnapped by someone. When he notices, he is insulted by the image of himself being raped, and his memory is gradually erased by a strange device. Miharu finished the naked body examination without understanding anything, but when asked Where is this?, The woman director explained about this facility. And he is notified that he can never return. The final required number of personnel per year for this facility is three. About 20 people are currently accommodated. What is the fate of the remaining 17 people? ! The only way to survive is to leave the guards' obedience and earn points, or escape the gap! The insult of the guard begins in such Miharu. Forcibly attached to the crotch seat in exchange for prisoners' clothes and toiletries, I will serve me this time and thrust up Decaichinko and gastric fluid humiliation deep throat. Insert Sudon and Giant Chin from behind! The knees of Miharu, who is scared and insulting, are already jerky.   変態ものや陵辱プレイで有名な安達かおる監督が手掛けるこの一本!「機密女収容施設」の公開です。主人公の甲斐みはるが何者かに強姦・誘拐されてしまう。気が付くと、自分が強姦されている映像を陵辱的に観させられ、妙な装置で記憶を徐々に抹消されていく。何も解らぬまま全裸の身体検査を終えたみはるが「ここは、どこ?」と問いかけると、女所長からこの施設の説明を受ける。そして二度と帰れない事を通告される。この収容施設の年間の最終必要人員は3名。現在収容されているのは20名余り。あまった17名の運命とは?!看守たちの言いなりになって点数を稼ぐか、隙を突いて脱出するしか生き残る道は残されていない!そんなみはるに看守の陵辱が始まります。囚人服や洗面道具と引き換えに遣らせろと強引に股座にシャブリつき、「今度は俺のを奉仕しろ」とデッカイチンコを突き上げて胃液ダラダラ陵辱イラマチオ。背後からズドンと巨チンを挿入!怖さと陵辱の凄まじさにみはるの膝はもうガクガク。 Free HD on JavFinder