Asiansexdiary - Ling
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Ling


Pornstar: Ling

Dear Diary, After the bad luck yesterday, I really wanted to score today. I took my rented motorbike and looked around for girls on bikes. I did not really find one until I putted my bike to the side. After 5 minutes of walking, a hot girl approached me on her bike. Sexy dress and nice curves. I said “yes” instantly and she agreed on pictures and video. Good start. She took me on the back of her bike and we went to my hotel. On the way, she hit something and was hurt on one foot. I was afraid that she would back out but she didn’t. The hotel helped us and then we went to my room. After 5 minutes, she totally forgot about it and we started shooting. She liked to pose and I was really curious to see those boobs. I asked to take off the dress and she hesitated a little. She had a bra and panties that were in fact a size too small for her and honestly, that turns me on in a crazy way. Her hair came out of her panties and her nipples were visible coming out of her bra. I got so fucking horny and started to touch her. She needed to take everything off of her and I started to eat her pussy. She was instantly wet and just loved that. She went crazy, as well. Such a horny bitch! She gave me a blow job so good that I almost had to cum but I just needed to fuck her and I did, wildly. She was morning and screaming. She even did contractions with her pussy around my dick. First time I have had a girl like this on ASD. I loved it! What a crazy pair of sexy boobs and ass she had. I creampied her but she seemed to want more and continued to jerk me off. I fucked her again but couldn’t cum anymore. I already came 2 times before. Great girl. She took a shower and decided to stay overnight. She is sleeping now and I am sure I will fuck her again at night and morning. I am so lucky!