Asiansexdiary - Hang
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Hang


Pornstar: Hang B

Dear Diary, I have been successful hunting at the Mekong, on previous episodes, so that’s where I went to today. After a little walk, I spotted a lonely girl in high heels sitting on a bench. I went close to her and from the moment she saw me, she smiled at me. This was going better than expected. We had a little talk and she allowed me to take pictures of her. She came to sit very close to me, touching my leg. Ok, no doubt about this one. I asked her to join me at my hotel. Her name is Hang, a 19yo student. She clearly liked me. We took each others hands and already kissed on way to my bike, which then continued in the elevator. Once in my room, she loved to pose in front of my camera and could not wait to get undressed. She wanted to get fucked so badly. What a pleasure and what a cute girl. Petite… with a very cute little ass. She even started to undress me while I was still taking pictures. She could not wait anymore! Kissing me, my nipples and my dick… man, this was the best BJ I’ve had in quite awhile, I must say. I ate her pussy and then we fucked for a very long time. You can see in this video how excited we were. She played with her pussy and even licked her own nipples. What a beast! I am keeping this one here tonight… she deserves a second round tomorrow. Don’t you agree?!